Steen-Frost Family Genealogy
Lynn & Mary Steen



The Steen-Frost Family Genealogy web pages display data extracted from a master database on ancestors, descendants, and relatives of Lynn Arthur Berthold Steen and Mary Elizabeth Frost Steen.

Two versions are available on the web:

Note: Clicking on the small tree symbol located next to each name will open an ancestor tree for that individual with live links to additional details about each ancestor.

Additional resources and perspectives on various branches of the Steen-Frost family tree can be found at:

Note: Data and commentary for this genealogy have been gathered from many sources, primarily letters and documents provided by family members. Sources are cited informally, generally at the conclusion of each cited passage. Inevitably, such data contain various errors and inconsistencies. The latter, when identified, have been noted with addenda in [square brackets]. Suggestions for further corrections and additions are most welcome.

The source data for this genealogy is maintained on an iMac running the genealogical software package Reunion which generates the pages on this site.

This website is intended only for family members and others engaged in non-commercial genealogical research. Any commercial use is expressly prohibited. Additions, corrections and correspondence are welcome by email to Lynn A. Steen or Mary E. Steen. Last updated: 5 Sep. 2014.