NameThuri Erichsdatter (Sundet)
Birth19 Sep 1821, Olberg-eie, Krodsherad, Buskerud, Norway
Baptism16 Oct 1861, Olberg-eie, Krodsherad, Buskerud, Norway
Death11 Jun 1901, Hickson, North Dakota
BurialNorth Pleasant Cemetery, Hickson, North Dakota
MiscellanyAfter her husband died in 1874, Thuri moved to Hickson, ND to live with her son Amund.
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FatherErich Aslesen Olberg-eie (1774-1851)
MotherElse Thoresdatter (1792-)
Birth18 Jul 1816, Gulsvig-plass, Flaa in Nes, Buskerud, Norway
Baptism4 Aug 1816
Livednear Olberg (or Oberg) Sundet in Krodsherad; Moved to Flaa in Nes in 1850; left for America from here
Death24 Aug 1874, Spring Grove, Minnesota
EducationIn 1861 when he left Norway for the US, he was called called Amund Nielsen Vaeteren;
MiscellanyDied in an accident at age 58. Church Record GS 35249 35244.
Marriage21 Apr 1842
ChildrenGunild (1842-)
 Else Amundsdatter (1844-1932)
 Nils Amundsen (1847-)
 Erik Amundsen (1853-1925)
 Amund Amundsen (1856-1929)
 Knud Amundsen (1860-1861)
 Knud (Knut) Amundsen (1864-1940)
 Albert Teodor (1866-)
Notes for Thuri Erichsdatter (Sundet)
“Turi Eriksdatter (Sundet)--18th century Norway;[ or Thuri Erichsdatter--born in Olberg-eie --Olberg--Sundet--Krodsherad, etc.” -- Jean Frost

“Emigrated in 1860 and settled in Spring Grove, MN.” -- RB Frost

Stanley Johnson (In “The KĂžlbjorn Livdahl Story”) reports that Turi is buried near Hickson, ND, which suggests that she may have lived her later years and died there, rather than in Spring Grove.
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