NamePeder John (Olaus) Myhre
Birth6 Jun 1866, Spring Grove, Minnesota
LivedSeattle, Washington
Death10 Mar 1941, Seattle WA
BurialSeattle, WA, Pacific Lutheran Cemetery
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MotherIngeborg O. Stensrud (-1868)
Birth20 Sep 1869, Spring Grove, Minnesota
Death10 Oct 1952, Spokane WA
BurialPacific Lutheran Cemetery, Seattle WA
Miscellanyalso Snedkerpladsen
MotherElse Amundsdatter Livdalen (1844-1932)
Marriage19 Feb 1888
ChildrenJohn Eliseus (1889-1960)
 Carl Oscar (1890-1967)
 Ida Elise (1894-1977)
 Laura Josephine (1898-1964)
 Edna Therese (1901-)
 Clara Margaret (1905-)
Notes for Peder John (Olaus) Myhre
“The names of mother and dad as they are written on their marriage certificate are as follows: Ann Christine Snedkerpladsen and Peter Olaus Myhre. Witnesses were Anton E. Snedkerpladsen and Aase H. Snedkerpladsen. HOWEVER: Somewhere along the line mother became Ann E. Ellingson Myhre and father became Peter J (John) Myhre, and all the books, bibles, etc. we have are signed thusly. Dad’s business was always Peter J. Myhre. ... The Myhre genealogy which Oscar [probably Carl Oscar, Clara’s older brother] did 19 years ago ... used Ann E. and Peter J., so we will go along with that, although living proof hangs upon our bedroom wall.”

-- Clara Myhre Tvete, Nov. 24 1978 letter to RB Frost postmarked Sun City, Arizona

Helen Frost often stayed with Peter and Ann Myhre on her way to and form Alaska. -- Clara Myhre
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