Steen-Frost Ancestor & Relative Families

Below the ribbon of ancestor photos on each Genealogy index page is a list of family surnames that link to an early ancestor in the Steen-Frost family tree. This page identifies how each of these families is related to Lynn (left column) or Mary (right column) Steen.

Berthold. George Berthold, Lynn (Berthold) Steen's father, is the grandson of Hugo Berthold who was an orthodontist in Sorau, Silesia, then in the eastern part of Germany, now Zary, Poland.

Buehlman. Alois Buehlmann, a Swiss native, married Louisa Meyer whose brother Gottlieb Mayer is Lynn's maternal grandfather. The Buehlmann family lived in Chicago two blocks away from where Lynn's mother Margery Mayer grew up.

Eberhard. Marie Margaret Eberhard, the wife of Christoph Meyer, is the mother of Gottlieb Mayer, Lynn's maternal grandfather. (Gottlieb, the youngest child, changed the spelling of his surname but his older siblings retained the original German spelling.)

Geiger. Margery Mayer's maternal grandmother, Christiane Louise Geiger, was the youngest of three daughters of Johann Tobias Geiger and Katharine Barbara Haug who emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1898. Johann Geiger is a descendant of Hans Geiger of Feuerbach, Germany, who was born in the second half of the seventeenth century.

Greiner. Lillian Mayer, Lynn's maternal grandmother, is a Greiner. Lillian's father, John George Greiner, was born in Wustenberg, Germany.

Henne. Christian Henne is the first husband of Marie Eberhard, Margery Mayer's maternal grandmother. Their son, Johan George Henne, is an uncle of Margery Mayer.

Klein. Raymond A. Klein is Margery Mayer's uncle via marriage to Clara Schuster, the half-sister of Margery's mother, Lillian Greiner Mayer. Raymond Klein is the grandson of Peter Klein.

Loerzer. Dorothea Loerzer, daughter of Franz Loerzer of Kiel, Germany, is the mother of George Berthold and grandmother of Lynn Steen.

Mayer. Gottlieb Mayer, Margery's father and Lynn's grandfather, was christened with the surname Meyer from his father Christoph Meyer. Gottlieb, the youngest sibling, changed the spelling thinking that Mayer was more American and less German than Meyer.

Schneegas. Charles Schneegas' wife Karoline is the oldest of the three Geiger sisters who emigrated from Germany in 1898. Karoline's sister Christiane is Margery Mayer's maternal grandmother.

Steen. Sigvart Steen, second husband of Margery Mayer and Lynn's adoptive father, is the grandson of Sevrin Olson Steen who emigrated in 1870 from Dumbesten, Norway in 1870. As the son of Ole Orem, Sevrin was an Olson, a too-common name among Scandinavian immigrants. So he took instead a short version of his place name, Dumbesten.

Andrew. Viney Timmons, Mary Frost Steen's maternal grandmother, is an Andrew. Viney Andrew was born on Prince Edward Island to a descendant of James Andrew and Mary Ferguson of Lave Mill on the western coast of Scotland.

Albertsen. Alfred Albertsen's wife Ingeborg is the daughter of Karl Hansen, older brother of Hemming Hansen Frost, Mary's paternal grandfather. Whereas Hemming emigrated to the U.S., Karl remained in Denmark, as did his children.

Booth. Mary Elizabeth Booth, the daughter of Andrew and Eliza Booth, married Thomas Holmes Timmons, Mary Frost Steen's paternal grandfather. These Booths were from Georgia (Andrew died in the Battle of Atlanta), so links with the more infamous Maryland Booths appear unlikely.

Ellingson. Gena Elise Ellingson, Mary's paternal grandmother, is the granddaughter of Elling Ellingson and Gunhild Hansdatter who lived in the Krodsherad region of Norway.

Frost. Reuben (Jack) Frost, Mary's father, is a grandson of Hans Rasmussen Frost of Denmark. Although Hans Rasmussen adopted the surname Frost, his children took the patronymic surname of Hansen. Only Hemming, Reuben's father, legally changed his name to Frost, and he did so after emigrating to the U.S.

Guthrie. In 1866 Henry Guthrie married Isabella Graham, a great-granddaughter of James Andrew & Mary Ferguson of Ayrshire, Scotland. They then emigrated to Otago, New Zealand where many Andrew-Guthrie descendants still live.

Hansen. Hans Rasmussen Frost, Reuben Frost's grandfather, is the grandson of Hans Rasmussen Krol of Praesto, Denmark. Following Danish naming conventions, the children of both Hans Rasmussen Krol and Hans Rasmussen Frost carry the surname Hansen.

Livdalen. Gena Ellingson, Mary's paternal grandmother, is the granddaughter of Else Amundsdatter Livdalen who is the daughter of Amund Nielsen Livdalen and Thuri Erichsdatter Sundet.

Nielsen. Marius Nielsen is the husband of (Anna) Dominika, daughter of Karl Hansen who is a brother of Hemming Hansen Frost.

Timmons. Mary Steen's mother Jean Timmons is the granddaughter of Thomas Holmes Timmons of Georgia, a descendant of William Timmons who emigrated from England to Maryland in the seventeenth century.

Whitby. Hannah Whitby is the grandmother of Annie Jane Hay Andrew who is the maternal grandmother of Jean Timmons.

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