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Reuben B. Frost Family Gravestones

A selection of gravestones associated with the family and ancestors of Reuben Bernard Frost.

Turi E. (Sundet) Livdahl, 1821-1901
Turi E. (Sundet) Livdahl, 1821-1901.  Reuben Frost’s great-grandmother, Turi emigrated in 1861 with her husband, Amund Nielson Livdalen, from Norway to Spring Grove, Minnesota. After her husband died in 1874, Turi moved to Hickson, ND to live with her son Amund. She is buried in North Pleasant Cemetery near Hickson.
Turi E. (Sundet) Livdahl, 1821-1901
Turi E. (Sundet) Livdahl, 1821-1901.  Inscription: Turi Livdahl / Fodt Erickson / 21 Sept 1821 / Dod 11 Juni 1901. As a child in Krodeherad, Norway Turi was named Thuri Erichsdatter (Sundet) since she is a daughter of Erich & Else Aslesen (Olberg-eie).
Turi Livdahl Rubbing
Turi Livdahl Rubbing.  This rubbing shows the Norwegian version of 1 Cor. 15:57 which is inscribed at the very bottom of Turi's gravestone: Gud være takk, som giver os seier / ved vår Herre Jesum Kristum (Thanks be to God, who gives us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ).
Anton & Agnette Ellingson
Anton & Agnette Ellingson.  Anton (1871-1927) and his wife Agnette are among many Ellingsons buried in the Viking Cemetery near Maddock ND. Anton was the oldest brother of Gena Ellingson Frost. (This image is a composite of three separate stones.)
Else Livdalen Ellingson, 1844-1932
Else Livdalen Ellingson, 1844-1932.  Else Ellingson, mother of Turi Muller & Gena Elise Frost, was Reuben Frost's maternal grandmother. Born in Krodsherad, Buskerud, Norway, she emigrated in 1861 at age 16 to Spring Grove, MN. In 1865, when she was 21, she married 49-year-old fellow Krodsherad emigre Elling Ellingson Snedkerpladsen after the death of his first wife. Else and Elling had eight children; she is buried in Spring Grove, MN
Carl Marius Muller, 1866-1918
Carl Marius Muller, 1866-1918.  The husband of Gena Elise Ellingson’s oldest sister Turi, Carl farmed near Spring Grove, where he lived all his life. The children in this large family were close cousins of Reuben Frost and his siblings. Carl is buried in the Spring Grove Trinity Cemetery.
Turi Muller, 1867-1950
Turi Muller, 1867-1950.  Turi Ellingson Snedkarpladsen Muller, the wife of Carl Marius Muller, was an older sister of Gena Elise Ellingson. Turi and Gena were daughters of Elling Ellingson Snedkarpladsen and Else Amundsdatter Livdalen. Turi was born, lived, and died in Spring Grove, Minnesota.
Gustav A. & Cora L. Muller
Gustav A. & Cora L. Muller.  Gustav (Gust) Muller (1906-1972) lived in Spring Grove, Minnesota all his life. The son of Carl Muller and Turi Ellingson (Gena Ellingson’s sister), he was a close cousin of Reuben Frost. He was married to Cora Louella Sylling (1906-2005) who (like Reuben Frost) was born in Sheyenne, ND but grew up on a farm near Spring Grove, MN.
Charles Sylling Muller, 1929-70
Charles Sylling Muller, 1929-70.  Charles Muller, the son of Gustav & Cora (Sylling) Muller, was paralyzed in an accident as a young man. He lived all his life in Spring Grove, Minnesota.
Gilmar, 1900-85, & Anna O. Muller, 1909-94
Gilmar, 1900-85, & Anna O. Muller, 1909-94.  Gilmar "Gil" Marius Muller (1900-85), a son of Carl & Turi Muller, was a cousin of Reuben Frost, His wife was the former Anna O. Gilbertson (1909-94). Like other Mullers, they are buried in Trinity Cemetery on the western edge of Spring Grove, Minn.
Gudrun T. Muller, 1902-85
Gudrun T. Muller, 1902-85.  Gudrun (“Goodie”) Muller, a daughter of Carl & Turi Muller, was a cousin of Reuben Frost: their mothers Turi & Gena were sisters. Goodie worked as an educator and administrator in Chicago. She never married, and is buried in Spring Grove, MN.
Karl Hansen, 1865-1956
Karl Hansen, 1865-1956.  Karl Hansen was an older brother of Hemming Hansen Frost, father of Reuben B. Frost. Blinded by an accident when he was a child, Karl became a skilled cane weaver. He was born in Torstenæs, Fanefjord, Præstø, Denmark and lived all his life in Denmark. He was buried at Jebjerg kirke, Sundsøre kommune.
Ane Dominika Hansen, 1875-1904
Ane Dominika Hansen, 1875-1904.  Ane Dominika Petersen was born in Glatved Strand, Hoed sogn, Grenaa, Denmark. In 1901 she married Hemming Hansen’s older brother Karl Hansen in Århus. She died just three years later on May 20, 1904 in Jebjerg sogn, Sundsøre, leaving two very young children.
Ane Marie Hansen, 1876-1936
Ane Marie Hansen, 1876-1936.  Ane Marie Jensen was born in Højbjerg, Rødkærsbro, Denmark and married Karl Hansen in 1905 following the death of Karl’s first wife. Ane was the mother of three children, including Anna Dominika Hansen Nielsen, a cousin of Reuben B. Frost who maintained ties with the American branch of the Hanson-Frost clan. Ane Marie died in København and was buried at Jebjerg kirke, Sundsøre kommune.
Kari Hendrickson Frost, 1871-1903
Kari Hendrickson Frost, 1871-1903.  The mother of Helen Caroline, Herbert Johannes and Ruben Bernhart Frost, Kari is the first wife of Hemming Hanson Frost. She died at age 33 of “quick consumption." She was buried alongside her infant son Ruben in Holy Cross Cemetery just south of Sheyenne ND.
Kari Hendrickson Frost, 1871-1903
Kari Hendrickson Frost, 1871-1903.  In loving remembrance of Kari Frost Born Sept. 15, 1871 Died Mar. 29, 1903
Kari Frost Gravestone Inscription
Kari Frost Gravestone Inscription.  By the grace of God I am what I am and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain. -- 1 Cor. 15.10.
He lives, all glory to his name!
He lives, my Jesus still the same;
O heavenly joy this sentence gives;
I know that my Redeemer lives.
Ruben Bernhart Frost, 1901-03
Ruben Bernhart Frost, 1901-03.  Ruben was the third child of Hemming Hanson Frost and Kari Hendrickson Frost; he died at 17 months, two months after his mother’s death. They are both buried in Holy Cross Cemetery outside of Sheyenne ND. Ruben was the half-brother of Reuben Bernhard Frost, son of Hemming Frost and Gena Ellingson.
Ruben Bernhart Frost, 1901-03
Ruben Bernhart Frost, 1901-03.  Ruben Bernhart Born Dec. 18, 1901 Died May 15, 1903
Ruben Frost Gravestone Inscription
Ruben Frost Gravestone Inscription.  For perhaps he therefore departed for a season that thou shouldest receive him forever. -- Philemon 15
Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life has fled
When in heaven with joy to greet thee
Hemming Hansen & Gena Ellingson Frost
Hemming Hansen & Gena Ellingson Frost.  Rev. Hemming Hansen Frost (1971-1927) was born in Forstnas, Møn, Denmark and emigrated to the United States in 1889. Following the death of his first wife Kari, he married Gena Elise Ellingson (1882-1966) in Fessenden, ND. They are buried in Trinity Lutheran Cemetery on the western edge of Spring Grove, MN near where Hemming was pastor for several rural parishes.
Esther Marie Frost, 1906-98
Esther Marie Frost, 1906-98.  The oldest of Hemming and Gena Frost’s four children, Esther was an elementary school teacher and principal. After her father died in 1927, she and her mother made their home together. She is buried in Lakeport Township Cemetery near LaPorte MN.
Reuben Bernhard & Jean Elizabeth Frost
Reuben Bernhard & Jean Elizabeth Frost.  Reuben "Jack" Frost (1907-89) is one of seven children of Hemming Hansen Frost, an émigré from Denmark. His wife Jean Timmons Frost (1917-2008) is one of two children of Herbert Fletcher Timmons, who was born in Thomson, Georgia, and Viney Mae Andrew Timmons, who emigrated from Prince Edward Island. Jack and Jean Frost are buried alongside Hemming and Gena Frost in Trinity Cemetery west of Spring Grove, MN.
Ivern L. & Gerhard E. Frost
Ivern L. & Gerhard E. Frost.  Rev. Gerhard Emanual Frost (1909-1987), the younger brother of Reuben Frost and son of Hemming and Gena Ellingson Frost was a professor at Luther Theological Seminary in St. Paul, Minn. He was married to Ivern Johnson (1912-2003), a musician and artist. They are buried in Lakeport Cemetery west of LaPorte MN near their summer home on Lake Kabekona.
Florence E. & John D.  Kronlokken
Florence E. & John D. Kronlokken.  Florence Elizabeth Frost (1920-1996) was the youngest of Hemming and Gena Frost’s four children. She and her husband John (1919-82), a Lutheran pastor, had eight children. Florence was a teacher as well as a pastor's wife. She and John are buried in Lakeport Township Cemetery near LaPorte, Minn.