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Jean E. Timmons Family Gravestones

A selection of gravestones associated with the family and ancestors of Jean E. Timmons.

Anne Hay Andrew & Jean Fulton Hay
Anne Hay Andrew & Jean Fulton Hay.  A memorial erected near Lave Mill on the western shore of Scotland by Adam Andrew (1791-1838), the paternal grandfather of Jean Frost’s maternal grandmother. The memorial honors Adam's wife Anne ("Annie") Hay Andrew and her mother Jean Fulton Hay.
Andrew-Hay Memorial Inscription
Andrew-Hay Memorial Inscription.  “Adam Andrew, miller in Irvine Mills, son of the late James Andrew [of] Lavemill, in memory of his much beloved wife Anne Hay who departed this life on the 5th day of January 1832, aged 41 years. Also of her mother Jean Fulton, spouse of the late John Hay [of] Paulston who died October 1821 aged 61 years.”
Alexander Dixon, 1817-56
Alexander Dixon, 1817-56.  Alexander Dixon married Caroline Middleton on 6 May 1841, but he died in 1856 leaving her with five young children. Subsequently, “the widow Dixon” (as she was known on PEI) married Francis Andrew, Viney Andrew Timmons’ maternal grandfather. Alexander Dixon is buried at Springton Cemetery, near the middle of Queen’s County, Prince Edward Island.
Caroline Andrew, 1824-64
Caroline Andrew, 1824-64.  After her first husband died leaving her with five young children, in 1857 Caroline Middleton Dixon married Francis Andrew, Viney Andrew Timmons’ maternal grandfather. Their oldest son, Adam Andrew, emigrated to California and founded the Shasta Water Company. She is buried near her first husband at Springton Cemetery on PEI.
Malcolm & Mary Bell
Malcolm & Mary Bell.  Malcolm Bell (1787-1862) and Mary Bell (1780-1874) were both born in Scotland and emigrated to Prince Edward Island. Their son John Bell married Hannah Whitby; John and Hannah's daughter Elizabeth Bell is the mother of Annie Jane Hay Andrew and grandmother of Viney Andrew. They are buried at Argyle Shore Cemetery on the southwest side of Prince Edward Island, overlooking Northumberland Strait.
John Alexander Bell, 1864-85
John Alexander Bell, 1864-85.  John Alexander is a younger brother of Viney Andrew Timmon’s grandmother Elizabeth Bell. He died young, when he was just twenty years old, and is buried in Argyle Shore Cemetery near his parents John Bell & Hannah Whitby and grandparents Malcolm & Mary Bell.
John Alexander Bell Epitaph
John Alexander Bell Epitaph.  Friends nor physicians could not save His mortal body from the grave. Nor can the grave confine it here When Christ shall call him to appear.
John Bell, 1824-91
John Bell, 1824-91.  John Bell was born in Scotland in 1824, emigrated to Prince Edward Island, and married Hannah Whitby on Oct. 30, 1847. The father of Elizabeth Bell and grandfather of Annie Jane Hay Andrew, John Bell is Viney Andrew's great-grandfather. He died on Jan. 2, 1891 and is buried near his parents Malcolm & Mary Bell in Argyle Shore Cemetery, PEI.
Francis & Elizabeth Bell Andrew
Francis & Elizabeth Bell Andrew.  Francis William Andrew, born April 19, 1825 at Lave Mill in Ayrshire, Scotland, emigrated to Prince Edward Island and married Elizabeth Bell on Dec. 28, 1871. Their oldest daughter Annie Jane Hay Andrew (b. 4 Feb 1873) is the mother of Viney Mae Andrew Timmons. Francis & Elizabeth are buried on the north side of the St. Columba Presbyterian Church cemetery on St. Peter road, northeast of Charlottetown, PEI.
John Bell & Georgina Thompson Andrew
John Bell & Georgina Thompson Andrew.  John Bell Andrew, the oldest son of Francis William Andrew and Elizabeth Bell, married Georgina Margaret Thompson in Oct. 1894. He and his brother Frederick William carried on the work of their father as millers at Wright's Mill in East Royalty, Charlottetown, PEI. John Bell Andrew is Viney Mae Andrew's uncle. John & Georgina are buried in the Central United Cemetery, on St. Peter Road, Dunstaffnage, PEI.
Margaret Bell Andrew, 1887-1965
Margaret Bell Andrew, 1887-1965.  The youngest child of Francis William and Elizabeth Bell Andrew, Margaret lost her hearing at a young age. She lived all of her adult life in Minneapolis, where she was an expert seamstress, sewing seasonal wardrobes for wealthy families in Minneapolis and St. Paul. She made her home with Viney Andrew Timmons and Elizabeth Andrew for the last 25 years of her life, and is buried in Sunset Memorial Park, Minneapolis.
Elizabeth Hannah Andrew, 1880-1969
Elizabeth Hannah Andrew, 1880-1969.  Elizabeth, daughter of Francis William and Elizabeth Bell Andrew, emigrated from Prince Edward Island to Minneapolis as a young woman, becoming a US citizen in 1943. She never married, and was an executive secretary and a fine athlete; she made her home with Viney Andrew Timmons for the last 30 years of her life. She is buried in Minneapolis in Sunset Memorial Park next to Viney and Herbert Timmons and her sister Margaret.
Isabel Georgina (Andrew) Patton, 1911-74
Isabel Georgina (Andrew) Patton, 1911-74.  The youngest daughter of John Bell and Georgina Andrew, Isabel grew up in Prince Edward Island, and moved to various places, including Trinidad, with her husband, an oil company executive. She was a delightful older “cousin” to Jean Timmons, especially during the summer of 1936 when Jean spent two months at Belmont Mills, PEI. She is buried in the Central United Cemetery in Dunstaffnage, PEI.
Wallace & Georgia Andrew
Wallace & Georgia Andrew.  Wallace ("Wally") Jenkins Andrew (1913-2008) is the yougest son of John Bell Andrew, whos sister Annie Jane Hay Andrew is Jean Timmons Frost's maternal grandmother. Wally and his wife Georgia ("Georgie") Florence Matheson (1914-2009) lived on the family homstead at Belmont Mills, PEI. Wally and Jean Timmons were close in age and close friends all their lives. Wally & Georgie are buried in the Central United Cemetery, Dunstaffnage, PEI.
William Timmons, 1799-1877
William Timmons, 1799-1877.  William Timmons, the father of Thomas Holmes Timmons, is Jean Timmons’ great-grandfather. After his death in 1877, he was buried at the cemetery by Smyrna Church, directly north of Timmons’ Old Camp church on Smyrna Church Road near today’s highway GA 27. This cemetery contains many old unmarked tombs built from stone cairns.
Smyrna Cemetery Cairn
Smyrna Cemetery Cairn.  This simple old grave in the Smyrna Church cemetery is typical of those constructed when William Timmons was buried here in 1877.
Thomas Holmes Timmons, 1841-1914
Thomas Holmes Timmons, 1841-1914.  Rev. Thomas Holmes Timmons is the paternal grandfather of Jean Timmons Frost. His monument (more elaborate than the “artless board” he requested) includes one epitaph of his own choosing and another from Hebrews 11:4 (“He being dead yet speaketh”). Rev. Timmons is buried in the City Cemetery in Thomson, Georgia at the intersection of highways GA 223 and GA 17 (US 78).
Thomas Holmes Timmons, 1841-1914
Thomas Holmes Timmons, 1841-1914.  "I ask for no polished marble sculptured verse to designate my silent house of clay, but let some gentle hand trace on artless board of simple stone this epitaph: Thomas Holmes Timmons, who never rested, rest. Hush!" --Conclusion of an unpublished autobiographical sketch by T. H. Timmons.
T.H.Timmons Grave with C.S.A. Marker
T.H.Timmons Grave with C.S.A. Marker.  Thomas Holmes Timmons, together with three of his brothers, was a veteran of the Confederate Army in the War Between the States. Accordingly, his gravesite is marked with a symbol of the Confederate States of America (C.S.A.).
Confederate States of America Grave Marker
Confederate States of America Grave Marker.  A southern “Cross of Honor” marker stands by the graves of veterans of the War Between the States. This one is beside the grave of Thomas Holmes Timmons, who served in the 56th Georgia Regiment of the Confederate Army before being captured and sent to the Johnson’s Island prisoner of war camp in Ohio.
Thomas Hezekiah & Francis M. Timmons
Thomas Hezekiah & Francis M. Timmons.  Thomas Hezekiah Timmons (1900-80) is an uncle of Jean Timmons Frost, being the son of her paternal grandfather Thomas Holmes Timmons with his third wife Sumpter Elizabeth Arnold McCorkle. Thomas Hezekiah, his wife Frances Meeks Timmons (1898-1998) and his wife’s father Andrew Price Meeks are buried in Thomson, Georgia.
Herbert Fletcher Timmons, 1882-1935
Herbert Fletcher Timmons, 1882-1935.  Herbert was the father of Jean Timmons Frost. He was born in Georgia, and, working for the Soo Line Railroad, moved to the Midwest where he met and married Viney Andrew. He died in Glenwood, Minnesota and is buried in Sunset Memorial Park in Minneapolis.
Viney Mae Andrew Timmons, 1888-1972
Viney Mae Andrew Timmons, 1888-1972.  The daughter of Annie Jane Hay Andrew and mother of Jean Timmons Frost, Viney emigrated from Prince Edward Island to Minneapolis as a young woman. Here she married Herbert Fletcher Timmons. After she was widowed, she lived in Minneapolis, where she is buried in Sunset Memorial Park.
Jean E Timmons Frost & Reuben Bernhard Frost
Jean E Timmons Frost & Reuben Bernhard Frost.   Jean Elizabeth (Timmons) Frost (1917-2008) was one of two children of Herbert Fletcher Timmons, who was born in Thomson, Georgia, and Viney Mae Andrew Timmons, who emigrated from Prince Edward Island. Her husband Reuben "Jack" Frost (1907-89) was an internationally known physical educator. Jack and Jean Frost are buried in Trinity Cemetery west of Spring Grove, MN.