Wallace "Wally" Jenkins Andrew

Four interviews about his life on Prince Edward Island

The Island Voices project at the University of the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation has digitized a collection of interviews with long-time residents of Price Edward Island originally conducted by Mr. Reg "Dutch" Thompson, one of the province's best-known researchers in the fields of folklore and oral history thanks largely to his long-running CBC radio show on PEI oral history, The Bygone Days. This page provides access to the on-line tapes of Viney Mae Andrew Timmons' cousin Wallace "Wally" Jenkins Andrew who lived on and managed the Andrew homestead at Belmont Mills, East Royalty. (The URL listed below the PEI masthead above provides access to the orignal sources.)

Synopsis and chronological notes for each tape appear below, as well as here in pdf form. Interview links below should connect with the Island Voices archive. In case they do not, here are alternate copies of the four Andrew interviews:

Wally Andrew Interview IWally Andrew Interview IIWally Andrew Interview IIIWally Andrew Interview IV


Interview I.     Date: 2003-07-21     Playing Time: 01:03:55.
Summary: This interview is the first tape of four with Wallace "Wally" Jenkins Andrew of East Royalty, P.E.I. Wally begins by telling about the Belmont Black Fox Company and its operation. He goes into great detail about fox feed, pelts, prices, breeding, and ranching. He mentions MacClure and MacKinnon's fox ranch, his brother Fred's ranch, and tells a story about tricking the Duvar's Riding Club while on a fox hunt. Wally then goes on to talk about Hickey and Nicholson's, apple orchards, apple cider, local houses, George Wright, and pearling barley. There is also mention of a brewery and fire at the mills, his family history, Mill Road, and toll scoops.

Interview II.     Date: 2003-07-22     Playing Time: 01:03:38.
Summary: This interview is the second tape of four with Wallace "Wally" Jenkins Andrew of East Royalty, P.E.I. Wally begins by telling about their farm and property, the Falconwood Insane Asylum and the Poorhouse, and a story about a helper on his farm. He then goes on to tell about their ice cutting business. He mentions Billy Drake, ice cakes, how to cut the ice, and shows Dutch the mechanical ice cutter he built using a Model-T engine. Wally tells all about the ice cutter, including a story of when it fell through the ice. He then begins to tell of his father's Cadillac, which may have been the first car on the Island. There is also mention of the Prince of Wales College, Santa Claus, a fire at Falconwood, and antifreeze.

Interview III.     Date: 2003-07-29     Playing Time: 01:35:22.
Summary: This interview is the third tape of four with Wallace "Wally" Jenkins Andrew of East Royalty, P.E.I. Wally begins by finishing a discussion from Tape Two about his father's Cadillac. He then talks about why it was called The Submarine and mentions another car called The Grasshopper. He then talks about the old roads and trips to New Glasgow, learning to drive, and tells of a car accident involving his father. He then goes on to talk about snowstorms, Wright's Bridge and homes in the area, tractors, and how mills worked. He tells a story about his brother falling off a chimney and talks about his birth, Dr. Jenkins, WWII, marsh mud, rum running, and home remedies. Also mentioned is his mother's boarding and catering business, the Raleigh man, pumpkin rum, Christmas, and Prince of Wales College.

Interview IV.     Date: 2003-07-29     Playing Time: 01:35:22.
Summary: This interview is the fourth and final tape with Wallace "Wally" Jenkins Andrew of East Royalty, P.E.I. Wally begins by telling about how he met his wife Georgie Andrew (nee Matheson). He then talks about the Spanish Flu and the Halifax Explosion, and tells all about the search for what was apparently treasure buried by Captain Kidd. He then talks about selling cream to local ice cream parlours, his milk route, farming, and a finding some hidden rum. Wally then talks about potatoes, turnips, horses, his pet dog, pigs, mixed farms, and tractors. He goes on to talk about indoor plumbing, electricity, mussel mud, Wright's Bridge, Andrew's Pond, clothes, thrashing machines, and television. There is also mention of lime kilns, smoking, dances, and sleighs.

Interview I (Tape Sides A & B):
A 00:00:04 -- 00:10:08 Discussion about the Belmont Black Fox Company; Fred Andrew, John D. Andrew, Chester MacClure, Colonel Danny MacKinnon, fox pens, fox breeding, fox feed, fox fences, fox prices, fox ranching, Belmont Black Fox Company, fox hole, 1916, Holman.
A 00:10:08 -- 00:13:08 Discussion about fox feed and fox coops; fox feed, tripe, horses, smelt, Davis and Frasers, fox coops.
A 00:13:08 -- 00:17:18 Discussion about fox colours and pelting; black foxes, silver foxes, fox pelts, fox colours, pelting.
A 00:17:18 -- 00:21:32 Discussion about selling fox pelts and shipping live foxes; fox pelts, Charlottetown, fox pelt prices, shipping foxes, mink.
A 00:21:32 -- 00:22:51 Discussion about cats raising foxes; cats, foxes,
A 00:22:51 -- 00:24:12 Discussion about the MacLure and MacKinnon fox ranch, with mention of ranch sizes; MacClure and MacKinnon, fox ranches, fox pens, fox coops.
A 00:24:12 -- 00:25:58 Discussion about his brother Fred's fox ranch; Colonel F. I. Andrew, fox ranches, apple orchard, Governor General Bessborough, apple trees, fox feed.
A 00:25:58 -- 00:31:53 Discussion about fox coat colours, with a story about Wally's pet fox and the Duvar Riding Club; black foxes, silver foxes, blue foxes, fox pelts, Duvar's Riding Club, fox hunt, Chester MacClure, pets, tricks.
  Side A ends at 00:31:53.

B 00:32:00 -- 00:34:16 A story about Wally's pet fox and the Duvar's Riding Club continues; Duvar's Riding Club, foxes, tricks, Inkerman.
B 00:34:16 -- 00:35:56 Discussion about Hickey and Nicholson's; Bob Nicholson, tobacco, 1896, 1906, Hickey and Nicholson, hockey, Cora Nicholson, Hickey.
B 00:35:56 -- 00:43:10 Discussion about his family's apple orchard and their cider press; apple orchard, cider press, apple varieties, transparent apples, Red Astrican apples, Bishop Pippin apples, Spy apples, mill, yeast, barrels, apple cider, apple barrels, alcohol.
B 00:43:10 -- 00:44:51 A story about rum in the cider at an ice cream social; rum, alcohol, apple cider, ice cream social.
B 00:44:51 -- 00:46:31 Discussion about the Miller house; Art Miller, Frank Miller.
B 00:46:31 -- 00:49:31 Discussion about George Wright and the Love House; George Wright, Love House, Cambridge, Phoebe Cambridge, John Plaw, Belmont, St. Peter's Road.
B 00:49:31 -- 00:50:20 Brief discussion about Wally's house; 1810, Andrew's house.
B 00:50:20 -- 00:53:00 Discussion about mills in the East Royalty area and how the mills worked; mills, water mills, carding mills, flour, overshot wheel, gristmill.
B 00:53:00 -- 00:54:39 Discussion about pearling barley; barley, pearling barley, mill.
B 00:54:39 -- 00:56:02 Discussion about a fire at the brewery in Wright's Creek; brewery, 1810, beer, 1813, George Wright, fire.
B 00:56:02 -- 00:57:58 Discussion about mills continues, with mention of stones that came from the Isle of Skye; mills, sawmill, John B. Andrew, Isle of Skye, stones.
B 00:57:58 -- 00:58:53 Discussion about his family history; Scottish, Isle of Skye, Matheson, Scotland.
B 00:58:53 -- 01:02:56 Discussion about the brewery and the fire continues, with mention of the decline of the mills and the origin of the Mill Road; 1813, brewery, Wright Creek, 1945, 1930s, fire, Mill Road.
B 01:02:56 -- 01:03:55 Discussion about the toll scoop used in mills to collect the grain toll; grain toll, toll scoop, mills, grain.
  Tape ends at 01:03:55.

Interview II (Tape Sides A & B):
A 00:00:07 -- 00:02:14 Discussion about their mill, farm, and property; Belmont Road, Falconwood, Miller.
A 00:02:14 -- 00:08:10 Discussion about the Falconwood Insane Asylum, with a story about learning there is no Santa Claus and mention of a fire; Falconwood, insane asylum, Santa Claus, fire, Howitzer, 1931,
A 00:08:10 -- 00:11:59 Discussion about the building called the Poorhouse at Falconwood, with a story about a farm helper; Charlie Singleton, Falconwood, Poorhouse.
  Tape appears to have stopped at 00:11:59.
A 00:11:59 -- 00:24:56 Discussion about how to cut pond ice, with mention of Billy Drake's ice house; ice saw, cutting ice, ice cakes, Herb Love, Billy Drake, ice house, ice prices, 1930s, Gauthier, ice.
A 00:24:56 -- 00:26:16 A story about Billy Drake; Billy Drake, ice, ice house.
A 00:26:16 -- 00:26:50 Discussion about ice continues; iceboxes, ice.
A 00:26:50 -- 00:27:44 Discussion about the Prince of Wales College; PWC, Prince of Wales College, 1931.
A 00:27:44 -- 00:31:53 Discussion about ice workers and a mechanical ice cutter Wally built; ice cutting, wages, mechanical ice cutter, ice escalator, woodpecker engine, Model-T Ford.
  Side A ends at 00:31:53.

B 00:32:05 -- 00:40:19 Discussion about a mechanical ice cutter Wally built continues, with mention of how it worked; ice cutting, mechanical ice cutter, Model-T engine, Model-A engine,
B 00:40:19 -- 00:42:04 Discussion about Model-T Fords and learning to drive; Model-T Ford, right hand drive.
B 00:42:04 -- 00:45:19 A story about the ice cutting machine falling through the ice; accident, ice, ice cutting.
B 00:45:19 -- 00:46:45 A brief discussion about changing the engine in the ice cutting machine to that of a Model-A Ford; Model-A Ford, Model-A engine, engine, mechanical ice cutter, ice cutting.
B 00:46:45 -- 00:49:27 Discussion about the end of ice cutting; ice cutting, 1950s, fridges, refrigerators, ice.
B 00:49:27 -- 00:52:37 Discussion about the Model-A engine continues, with mention of a local blacksmith named Harold Clements; Model-A Ford, engine, Model-A engine, blacksmith, Harold Clements, forge.
B 00:52:37 -- 00:54:06 Brief discussion about antifreeze; antifreeze, kerosene.
B 00:54:06 -- 00:59:21 Discussion about his ice escalator and hauling the ice; ice escalator, ice cutting, hauling ice, sleighs, ice cakes, sleighs, wages.
B 00:59:21 -- 01:03:38 Discussion about his father's Cadillac, which was possibly the first car on the Island; Cadillac, Reg Sterns, emergency brake, headlights, cars.

Interview III (Tape Sides A & B):
A 00:00:04 -- 00:00:42 Discussion about his father's Cadillac continues from Tape Two; Cadillac.
A 00:00:42 -- 00:04:35 Discussion about why the Cadillac was called The Submarine, with mention of a car called The Grasshopper; 1916, Cadillac, Saxon, cars, Colonel Fred Andrew.
A 00:04:35 -- 00:08:19 Discussion about the old roads, with mention of trips up to New Glasgow to visit his uncle; Frank Andrew, New Glasgow, cars, mechanic, roads, traveling, dust, tricks, car bans.
A 00:08:19 -- 00:09:58 Discussion about learning to drive a car; Model-T Ford, Saxon, cars, driving, 1923, Cadillac.
A 00:09:58 -- 00:11:28 A story about a car accident; car accident, accident, cars.
A 00:11:28 -- 00:12:19 Discussion about learning to drive a car continues, with mention of driver's licences; driver's licence.
A 00:12:19 -- 00:16:25 Discussion about their first tractor, which had steel wheels, and Caterpillar tractors; tractors, steel wheels, Caterpillar tractors, International tractors.
A 00:16:25 -- 00:30:02 Discussion about their barns and a story about trying it put out a fire; barns, fire, 1931, fire engine, 1930, cattle barn.
A 00:30:02 -- 00:32:14 Discussion about the winter of 1931; snowstorm, 1931, 1923.

A 00:32:14 -- 00:34:30 Discussion about Wright's Bridge and houses in the area; Wright's Bridge, Andrew's Pond.
A 00:34:40 -- 00:39:06 Dutch and Wally watch a film about ice cutting while Wally explains how it was done; ice cutting, 1946, barn.
A 00:39:06 -- 00:42:05 Discussion about mills and how they worked; Mill Road, grain, mills, flour, kiln, oats, oatmeal, Isle of Skye, grinding stones.
A 00:42:05 -- 00:44:32 A story about his brother Fred falling off the chimney at the mill; chimney, accident, Fred Andrew, Colonel F. I. Andrew.
A 00:44:32 -- 00:47:14 Discussion about the mill continues, with mention of the toll scoop; mill, gristmill, toll scoop, grain toll, miller's toll.
A 00:47:14 -- 00:47:36 Discussion about his uncle Robert Thompson's mill in Suffolk; Robert Thompson, mill, Suffolk.
  Side A ends at 00:47:36.

B 00:47:44 -- 00:48:46 Discussion about his uncle Robert Thompson's mill continues; Robert Thompson, mill, Suffolk, John B. Andrew.
B 00:48:46 -- 00:49:49 Discussion about his birth, his family, and how he got his middle name; birth, Georgina Thompson, Jenkins, Dr. Stephen Jenkins, doctors.
B 00:49:49 -- 00:51:58 Discussion about Dr. Jack Jenkins and a story about a man with a glass eye; glass eye, WWII, Dr. Jack Jenkins.
B 00:51:58 -- 00:53:25 Discussion about being a Captain in the army during WWII; army, Captain, 8th Battery, 2nd Battery, WWII guns, Howitzer, Parker Craig.
B 00:53:25 -- 00:54:09 Discussion about his birth continues, with mention of being born on the kitchen table; Dr. Jenkins, birth.
B 00:54:09 -- 00:59:44 Discussion about using marsh mud to build the dam at their mill; marsh mud, mill, dam, brick clay, 1813, 1700s, Bird Island Mills, Meacham's 1880 Atlas.
B 00:59:44 -- 01:03:45 Discussion about rum running and bootlegging, with a story about finding buried cans of rum; rum running, 1920s, Stanhope, three mile limit, 3 mile limit, bootlegging, Mill Road, kegs of rum, rum.
B 01:03:45 -- 01:05:09 A story about rum running and a pillowcase full of money; money, rum running.
B 01:05:09 -- 01:08:28 Discussion about home remedies; home remedies, cod liver oil, bread poultice, tonics, sulfur and molasses.
B 01:08:28 -- 01:14:15 Discussion about his mother renting out rooms to tourists and hosting dinner parties, with mention of butchering chickens; hens, butchering chickens, boarding room rates, boarding house, dinner parties, traveling salesman, teachers, tourists, tour boats.
B 01:14:15 -- 01:16:52 Discussion about the Raleigh man and peddlers, with mention of boils and sick cattle; Raleigh man, liniments, salves, Rundle's salve, ointments, peddlers, boils, sick cattle.
B 01:16:52 -- 01:17:38 Discussion about home remedies continues; tonic, tansy tea, home remedies, dandelion wine.
B 01:17:38 -- 01:22:19 Discussion about pumpkin rum, and a story about exploding bottles of pumpkin rum; pumpkin rum, brown sugar, raisins.
B 01:22:19 -- 01:30:19 Discussion about Christmas, with a story about a goose as a present; presents, Christmas, goose, Belle Ferguson, Thompson, John T. Ferguson, stooking, banana, Christmas trees, good luck, salt, plum pudding, presents, coal, Santa Claus, oranges.
B 01:30:19 -- 01:35:22 Discussion about going to Prince of Wales College, with mention of the old Prince of Wales College building and a story about crawling through the air vents; Prince of Wales College, fire, 1931, 1933.
  Tape ends (mid-sentrence) at 01:35:22.

Interview IV (Tape Sides A & B):
A 00:00:05 -- 00:02:39 Discussion about how he met his wife Georgie, with mention of her family; Georgie Matheson, Spanish Flu, George Matheson, Johnny Holmes, 1939, Georgie Andrew.
A 00:02:39 -- 00:04:47 Discussion about the Spanish Flu; Spanish Flu, Frank Andrew, cures, rum.
A 00:04:47 -- 00:06:01 Brief discussion about the Halifax Explosion; 1917, Halifax Explosion.
A 00:06:01 -- 00:19:57 Discussion about searching for Captain Kidd's buried treasure in East Royalty; Binstead House, Captain Kidd, buried treasure, Harold Harts, Edgar Harts, Frank Harts, Billy Connolly, Art Robertson, East Royalty.
  Tape appears to have stopped at 00:19:57.
A 00:19:57 -- 00:27:40 Discussion about cream, with mention of local ice cream parlours and dances; ice cream, cattle, farming, milk, cream, Ayrshire, Foster's Ice Cream Parlour, White's Ice Cream Parlour, Jerry Foster, dance hall, dances, Fitzgerald.
A 00:27:40 -- 00:35:56 Discussion about his milk route and his workers; Billy Archie MacDonald, milk, milk route, milk prices, Perce Gay, wages, Chevy, George Harper, workers. work, boarding.
A 00:35:56 -- 00:42:12 Discussion about crop varieties, plowing, and planting; crops, plowing, planting, mixed grain, black oats, Bruce Stewart digger, blue potatoes, black potatoes.
A 00:42:12 -- 00:46:01 A story about finding some rum; rum, bootlegging, rum cans.
A 00:46:01 -- 00:47:39 Discussion about potatoes; potato bags, potato prices, potatoes, potato warehouse.
  Side A ends at 00:47:39.

B 00:47:46 -- 00:49:30 Discussion about potatoes continues; potatoes, potato prices, potato bags.
B 00:49:30 -- 00:51:17 Brief discussion about turnips; turnips, turnip bushel, cattle feed, turnip prices, potato prices.
B 00:51:17 -- 00:59:39 Discussion about horses; horses, sleighs, box sleighs, jaunting sleigh, April Fools Day, foals, Frank MacKay, stallions.
B 00:59:39 -- 01:01:00 A story about buying horses at an auction; auction, horses, Matt Wood, mining horse.
B 01:01:00 -- 01:04:39 A story about a being bitten by his pet dog and having to put him down; horses, pet, dog, Hen Hooper, Henry Hooper, home remedies, iodine.
B 01:04:39 -- 01:05:33 Discussion about horses continues; horses, Henry Hooper.
B 01:05:33 -- 01:10:11 Discussion about pigs; pigs, sows, butchering pigs, boiling pigs, pork, ham.
B 01:10:11 -- 01:13:31 Discussion about mixed farms, with mention of a pickle plant in Parkdale; mixed farms, mangles, sugar beets, cucumbers, pickle plant, Parkdale, pickle factory.
B 01:13:31 -- 01:18:53 Discussion about the change from horses to tractors and how farming changed since his father's generation; tractors, Cockshutt tractor, Caterpillar tractor, kerosene, engines, diesel, 1920s, sugar beets.
B 01:18:53 -- 01:21:30 Discussion about their first bathroom and indoor plumbing; indoor plumbing, outhouses, bathroom, hot water heating, 1913, well, plumbing.
B 01:21:30 -- 01:24:19 Discussion about the first time they had electricity; lights, electricity, 1925.
  Tape appears to have stopped at 01:24:19.
B 01:24:19 -- 01:26:07 Discussion about mussel mud, Wright's Bridge, and Andrew's Pond; mussel mud, Wright's Bridge, Andrew's Pond.
B 01:26:07 -- 01:26:56 Brief discussion about lime kilns; lime kiln.
  Tape appears to have stopped at 01:26:56.
B 01:26:56 -- 01:29:21 Discussion about flour bag clothes, traveling tailors, and hooking; flour bag clothes, traveling tailors, hooking,
B 01:29:21 -- 01:31:53 Discussion about thrashing machines, with mention of tobacco; thrashing machines, Scott, thrashing, Hall thrasher, Scott thrasher, tobacco, John B. Andrew, smoking, pipe.
B 01:31:53 -- 01:35:22 Discussion about the biggest changes, with mention of television; television, William Wheatley, television aerial, television programs.
  Tape ends (mid-sentence) at 01:35:22.

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