Greiner-Schuster Album

In the early 1980s three sisters, descendants of Tobias Geiger & Ursula Zweiglin of Feuerbach, Germany (who married on Nov. 21 1699) emigrated to the United States.  Two settled on Long Island, N.Y., while one, Louise Geiger, came to Buffalo,N.Y.and married John George Greiner, a German emigre from Wustenberg, a town near Feuerbach.  In 1889 Louise and J.G. Greiner had a daughter Lillian who is the mother of Margery Mayer.  Around 1890 the Greiner family moved to Chicago where Louise divorced her husband and married his half-brother Carl Schuster.  Louise Schuster had four more daughters with her second husband. Both the Greiner and Schuster families remained close.