NameHans Rasmussen Frost
Birth5 Jun 1817, Frenderup, Damsholte sogn (parish), Mønbo herred( township), Praestø amt (county), Denmark
Baptism13 Jul 1817, Damsholte kirke, Mønbo herred, Præstø amt
Death13 Jan 1892, Øster (Baltic) Kippinge, Kippinge sogn, Nørre-Alslev kommune, Denmark (municipality), Denmark
Burial19 Jan 1892, Kippinge kirke, Kippinge, Maribo, Denmark
OccupationFarmer, weaver, grocer
MiscellanyMoved with his family to Falster in 1871
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FatherRasmus Hansen (1763-1837)
MotherMaren Larsdatter (1790-1865)
Birth12 Dec 1806, Tostenæs, Fanefjord sogn (parish), Mønbo herred (township), Præstø amt (county), Denmark
Baptism25 Jan 1807, Fanefjord kirke, Mønbo herred, Præstø amt
Death21 Dec 1856, Tostenæs, Fanefjord sogn, Mønbo herred, Præstø amt, Denmark
Burial26 Dec 1856, Fanefjord kirke, Mønbo herred, Præstø amt, Denmark
Marriage6 Mar 1840, Fanefjord kirke, Mønbo herred, Præstø amt, Denmark
ChildrenKaren Christine (1844-1911)
 Maren Kirstine (1849-1879)
Birth7 Feb 1839, Tostenaes, Fenefjord, Praestoe, Denmark
Baptism15 Apr 1839, Fanefjord sogn, Mønbo herred, Præstø amt
Death19 Jul 1858, Tostenaes, Fenefjord, Praestoe, Denmark
Burial22 Jul 1858, Tostenaes, Fenefjord, Praestoe, Denmark
MiscellanyMarie died at age 19 of infection after childbirth.
FatherJens Jensen (1812-)
Marriage27 Mar 1857, Fanefjord kirke, Mønbo herred, Præstø amt, Denmark
ChildrenRasmus (1858-)
Birth12 Jan 1835, Haarbølle, Fanefjord sogn, Praestoe, Denmark
Baptism15 Feb 1835, Fanefjord kirke, Mønbo herred, Præstø amt, Denmark
Death30 Jun 1898, Øster Kippinge, Kippinge, Maribo, Denmark
Burial5 Jul 1898, Kippinge kirke, Maribo, Denmark
MiscellanySeveral sources (e.g., the Danish registry of births) records her name as “Karen Stine”
FatherJørgen Nielsen (1780-1836)
MotherMaren Kristine Hansdatter (~1800-1867)
Marriage26 Nov 1858, Fanefjord kirke, Mønbo herred, Præstø amt, Denmark
ChildrenAnders Jørgen (1860-1940)
 Marie Kirstine (1861-1950)
 Neils Peter (1862-1936)
 Karl (1865-1956)
 Johanne Kirstine (1867-1945)
 Hans Christian (1869-1943)
 Hemming Hansen (1871-1927)
 Axel (1873-1927)
Biography notes for Hans Rasmussen Frost
Hans Rasmussen Frost ( - 1892) was a weaver of fine tablecloths and linens. His son Hemming thought of him as a rather stern man but times were hard and he had a large family to care for.

One could wish it were possible to translate the long letter pertaining to his last illness and death. Reading it one becomes aware of the fine Christian heritage Hemming brought with him, for this is a man with a long and rich experiences in faith. His letter written to Hemming on his entrance to the Seminary [see below] supports this, too.

Hemming was close to his mother. He often spoke of her beautiful brown eyes and of her gentle and kindly nature. The letter written on his entrance to the ministry bears this out. This letter gives evidence, too, of the fineness of the educational system for even the “common people” in the land of Denmark. They are letters to be proud of!”

-- Esther Frost, Remembering, 1966
Notes for Hans Rasmussen Frost
There is some confusion in various family records about the names of Hans Rasmussen’s first two wives, as well as when and why the name Frost appeared. In some accounts his first wife was named Marie Frost, whereas church records appear to document the names recorded here.

Some years ago, Bodil Lund Nielsen (Dominika Nielsen’s daughter) told Mary Frost Steen that Hans Rasmussen inherited a house from his first wife’s parents. According to one version of the story, a person known as Colonel Frost lived in that house, perhaps as a boarder. Another possibility, perhaps more likely, is that Frost is the name of the owner of the house since the name of the father of Hans Rasmussen’s first wife is written in genealogical records as “Jens Christian Christiansen (Frost),” as if Frost is a farm name or place name. When Hans Rasmussen and his wife moved into the house, he took the Frost name along with it.

After his first wife died in 1856, Bodil’s account continues, Hans Rasmussen Frost remarried. in July 1858 his second wife Marie Jensen (who, when married, would be known as Marie Frost) bore the son Rasmus Hansen, but died of complications from childbirth. On 26 November of that same year, Hans Rasmussen married Karen Kirstine Jorgensdatter who subsequently bore eight children. Bodil reports that Hans Resmussen “had his eye on her” when his first wife died, but Karen Kirstine could not marry then since her older sister was not yet married. Two years later, when his second wife died, she was able to marry.


Hans Rasmussen was a weaver, but when cotton got too expensive [due to the American Civil War] he got a shop making beer & bread and selling groceries. “Hans Rasmussen Frost was a very smart man and a studious one. He was elected to several offices in town; by trade he was a weaver and made quite a business along that line, having a number of people working for him.”

-- Genesis, HR Frost recod page.


“Your grandfather, Hans Ramussen Frost (the name Frost). He was called after the former owner of the place he bought when he married, but Hans Rasmussen was his Christian name. He was born on an island, Moen, in a town called Frenderup.”

“He was a very studious and smart man--he was elected to several offices in town; by trade a weaver and made quite a business in that line, having a number of people working for him. It was in that that he really made money, but when the [Amercan Civil War] came the cotton got so expensive that it did not pay to work with it, and he gave that up. He then began to make malt and made a mild drink made of malt and also for a time had a bakery and a little grocery store; but then his health broke down, so he sold the place on Moen and went to the island of Falster [in 1871] where we had a little home with some land and then father did some weaving. We never were in want for food and clothing.”

“Father was married three times. His first wife died after several years of marriage leaving two girls, and the second wife lived only one year after they were married leaving a little boy ten days old . The two girls both died in America. The oldest, Christine, was married to a farmer in Minnesota, and the youngest, Marenstine, was married before she left Denmark. her husband was Niels Andersen. They lived in Omaha, Nebraska or Council Bluffs, Iowa--I’m not sure which. They had one daughter ...

The third time father married a woman 18 years younger than father but they lived happy together and had eight children.”

-- Marie Hansen, (Hemming’s sister), May 21, 1948


“Frenderup/Damsholte/Praestoe all seem to be one place on the island of Moen. At least the Praestos part is consistent. There is also mention of Harbolle, Fannefjord, and they [Jack's Danish grandparents] both died in Oster Kippinge, Maribo. I take it that was on Falster.”

-- Jean Frost
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