Name(Christiane) Karoline Wilhelmine Geiger
Birth26 May 1864, Feuerbach, Germany
LivedWoodside, Queens, New York
Death31 Mar 1948, Long Island, New York
MiscellanyCalled K(C)aroline; “Descendants of Tobias Geiger” reports that she died on Mar 3 1948
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FatherJohann Tobias Geiger (1838-1919)
MotherKatharine Barbara Haug (1832-1877)
Notes for (Christiane) Karoline Wilhelmine Geiger
“[My grandmother’s] sisters lived in Long Island, N.Y. They are Catherine (I know as Kate) and Lena. ... I saw them all when visiting L.I. and east coast with my mother and Margie when I was 16. “

“Three year ago Aunt Margie [Margery Mayer Voutsas] made contact with one of the cousins in L.I. She’s in low 60s & was gathering information about the family tree on her side. ... The one who was in contact with Aunt Margie and who was writing a family history is named Theresa (but called Gertrude) O’Keefe and lives in North Merrick, L.I. We have 100s of cousins from that side of the family.”

-- Ethel Mayer Vogt, 1979 letter to her grandson Glenn

“My grandmother Caroline (the oldest of the three sisters) bore nine children ,,, She lived to see all of her 16 grandchildren born, and some of her gr-grandchildren. As of this date [4 Jan. 1976] there are 104 descendants of Caroline and Charles Schneegas. Needless to say that, we miss their warmth, tenderness, integrity and love ...

-- T. Gertrude O’Keefe Woodman, letter to Margery dated Jan 4, 1976.

From the research of the Schneegas-Geiger family I gleaned much trivia. Four generations have produced 106 persons: 9 children of my grandparents, 17 grandchildren, 40 gr-grandvhildren, and 40 gr-gr grandchildren. FOur sets of twin descended form my grandmother’s line. My grandmother had a pair of girls, Liz’s daughter Lois has another set of girls, and Ronnie has two sets split girls and boys. Girls outnumber the boys two to one and that ratio has been prevalent throughout. The two marriage of Johann produced 8 girls and 4 boys, the 2 to 1 ratio. Oly 1 girl died in infance but 3 boys died, so the survival ratio of girls to boys was 7 to 1. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? Shakes up the old gray matter!!

Four generations were born within 100 years...the norm is 3 ... mighty sexy bunch! Have lots more trivia, but that’s enough for now.
-- Gertrude O’Keefe Woodman, letter to Margery, dated July 21, 1979.
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