NameJohn George Greiner
Birth11 Jun 1863, Stuttgart, Germany
Lived1930, 6512 N. Fairfield Ave., Chicago, Illinois
Death20 Dec 1936, Chicago, Illinois
Burial23 Dec 1936, Montrose Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois
MiscellanyWent by “George” (e.g., 1930 Census); he and Carl Schuster have same mother;
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Birth21 Dec 1866, Feuerbach, Germany
LivedBuffalo, New York, then Long Island
Death6 Jan 1918, Chicago, Illinois
OccupationRetailer (grocery) [on 1910 US Census]
MiscellanyHome: 24 Rendlenstrasse, Feuerbach “still has people living in it” (--Margery, 1978); Divorced George; death listed as 1 Jan on LDS Pedigree
FatherJohann Tobias Geiger (1838-1919)
MotherKatharine Barbara Haug (1832-1877)
ChildrenLillian Margaret (1889-1938)
Notes for John George Greiner
“Grandpa Greiner had married grandma (Louise) when he came over from Germany and settled in Buffalo, my mother was born there. They moved to Chicago where grandma Louise divorced him and married his step brother Carl Schuster (both had same mother and came over from Germany). They accepted the situation so no jealousy or anger existed between them. So I knew and was raised with 2 grandfathers and one grandmother on my mother’s side. Both were very good to me.

“When I was about 12 and Margie 3 our mother was having big problems with grandpa [Gottlieb] Mayer as he drank too much and gambled. We sure knew poverty but I’ll say [we] never went hungry because grandpa Greiner helped my mother out. We [also] got rent free from dad’s mother, Grandma Meyer.”

-- Ethel Mayer Vogt, May 1979 letter to her daughter Marcia


“As I sit eating my breakfast cereal, I think of my grandfather, George Greiner.  He always had cold cereal every night before he went to bed. Not in the morning, but at night.  He was a wonderful grandfather, my Mother's father.  He worked in a bakery and would come home every morning--after having worked all night--with a bag full of rolls or sweet rolls.

He slept in a completed room in the basement. He even helped me with my German for High School though it was not always correct.  He loved to walk and would walk from the loop in Chicago to Devon Ave. and frequently found dollars along the street. Grandpa Greiner was always there for my Mother even when my Father was not.  Just thought you should know a little about my grandfather.

-- Margery Mayer Voutsas, 5 March 2008 email to her son Lynn


John George Greiner emigrated when he was about 19 years old (c. 1882). -- Margery Mayer, 01/09/1980
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