Steen-Frost Family History & Genealogy

Lynn & Mary Steen



This website contains historical and genealogical resources—data, photos, & writing—about ancestors, descendants, and relatives of Lynn Arthur Berthold Steen and Mary Elizabeth Frost Steen. To preserve privacy, most of the site is restricted via password to family members. The site is divided into five major sections:

  • Documents: Writing by and about family members—letters, essays, biographies and obituaries.
  • Genealogy: Links to two versions of the Steen-Frost family tree—a public version with some data omitted and a complete password-protected private version which includes the entire database. Each version contains over 2000 pages with data about ancestors and relatives of the Steen-Frost families. Links to early family ancestors (in the public version) are displayed under the photo collage above.

  • Photos: Various albums of photos of Steen-Frost families and relatives including albums of photos from eight ancestor families.
  • Places: Maps, photos, and information about places where ancestors and relatives lived.
  • Reference: Background information, site map, inventory of family documents, family history, family bibliography, links to family web sites, and more.

This website is intended only for family members and others engaged in non-commercial genealogical research. Any commercial use is expressly prohibited. Additions, corrections and correspondence are welcome by email to Lynn A. Steen or Mary E. Steen. Last updated: 28 Dec. 2012.