NameMarie Kirstine Hansen
Birth6 Jun 1861, Tostenaes, Fanefjord, Praestoe, Denmark
Baptism14 Jul 1861, Fanefjord kirke, Mønbo herred, Præstø amt
Lived1930, Cleveland, Ohio
Death25 Jan 1950
BurialJebjerg kirke, Sundsøre kommune, Denmark
MiscellanyEmigrated to America; see letter from her father Hans Rasmussen Frost
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FatherHans Rasmussen Frost (1817-1892)
Notes for Marie Kirstine Hansen
Marie lived in Cleveland, and then returned to Denmark to keep house for her blind brother Karl after his wife died. An English translation of a letter Marie wrote in 1927 to her brother Karl in Denmark about the death of her other brother Hemming Hansen Frost can be found in the notes section under Hemming’s page.


Letter from Marie Hansen, who had returned to Denmark, to her nephew Clarence Hansen and his wife Elsie in America.

May 21, 1948

Dear Elsie and Clarence,

Thank you so much for your gift and remembrance at Christmas. I have often thought of writing to you, but there always seemed so much I wanted to do and evenings I was tired.

Clarence would like to know a little about our ancestors! I cannot go very far back. Your Grandfather [was] Hans Rasmussen Frost (the name Frost). He was called after a former owner of the place he bought when he married, but Hans Rasmussen was his Christian name. He was born on an island, Moen, in a town called Frenderup. His father was a gardener on Marienborg, one of those big estates where the owner lived in a castle surrounded by a park and owned much land and many farms besides, but that time is past. When the farmers leave themselves control like that now they have their own homes.

We think Grandfather's name was Rasmus Hansen. He died leaving Grandmother with 3 girls and 2 boys. I believe Father was the oldest--11 years. The 2 girls I have never known, but Uncle Jorgen Rasmussen who lived in Tordenskjold [Township] (Otter Tail Co. Minnesota) was Father's brother and Aunt Marie managed alone to bring them all up so they could take care of themselves. Your grandfather was a very studious and smart man—he was elected to several offices in town; [he was] by trade a weaver and made quite a business in that line, having a number of people working for him. It was in that he really made money. But then when the war came with the North and South [in] America the cotton got so expensive that it did not pay to work with it and he gave that up. He then began to make malt and made a mild drink made of malt and also for a time had a [B]akery and a little grocery-store; but then his health broke down, so he sold the place on Moen and went to Island Falster where we had a little home with some land and then Father did some weaving. We never were in want for food and clothing.

Father was married 3 times. His first wife died after several years of marriage leaving 2 girls, and the second wife lived only 1 year after they were married leaving a little boy, 10 days old. You have heard of him, that was your Uncle Rasmus. The 2 girls both died in America, the oldest, Christine, was married to a farmer in Minnesota, and the youngest, Marenstine, was married before she left Denmark. Her husband was Niels Andersen, they lived in Omaha or Council Bluffs, I am not sure which. They had one daughter but they are all dead. The third time Father married a woman 18 years younger than Father but they lived happy together and had 8 children, including your father and I. Your father was the oldest and then I. Next Peter, Karl, Johanne, Kristian, Hemming and Axel. Your father has perhaps told you about Mother's family as he lived with them a number of years. They owned a large farm located so nice by a sea; they were a large family. Grandmother was married twice, having had 8 children by her first husband, Mother being the youngest, only three years old when her father died. I do not know his name, but his first name surely was Jorgen as they at that time used the first name of the father; and Mother was christened Karen Stine Jorgens-daughter. They did us (sen) for a boy but daughter for a girl at that time.

Grandmother's last husband was Anders Hemingsin. They had 5 children. All the 13 children lived and worked at home until they were married and all got their own homes. Father was born June 5th, 1817; died Jan. 13, 1892. Mother was born January 12, 1835; died June 30, 1898.

Your Uncle Karl is in good health and doing a lot of work. He gets up every morning and takes a walk around town or takes morning gymnastics before his breakfast. Yes, he is a lively fellow for the age of 83 years, and it is really wonderful that a blind man can do so much work and so good, and people are so glad to get his work, so there are orders far ahead. As far as myself is concerned I got over the Bronchitis I had last winter very good, so as long as we both have our health we get along very good and our income is sufficient to live comfortable and we have been able to get what we need. Otherwise we all find out that money can not get everything in these days. In the line of food I think Denmark is better off than the other countries in Europe. With clothes it has been harder and then many people have a hard time finding a place to live.

The house we live in is a good house after what people have here. Karl had it built when he got married. He could get a high price for it now, but says he would not sell it if he was offered 100,000 Kroner which of course, nobody would, but I think he could get 30,000 Kroner. It is arranged that I can live here if he should die before I.

Karl's children are all well educated and doing very nicely. Your Uncle Kristian's family is also getting along fine. I suppose you know that Brother Kristian, Sister Johanne and her husband are all dead, so there is only your uncle Karl and I left of the family of 13 children. Well this will have to do for this time. Will you greet Florence, it is a long time since I heard from her. Hope Paul and Lois are happily settled in their own homes now. When you see Herbert please greet him; I have received his letter and one of us will write to him before so long. Hope to hear from you again. Love from Uncle Karl and Aunt Marie Hansen.

(Hope you will excuse my English, I do not use it much.)
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